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Hear Together on BBC Radio Nottingham!

Hear Together is a new charity for people of all ages with hearing loss in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. It’s run by experienced SLTs & audiologists. Our focus is on providing comm...  more  

Help us shape the future of Hear Together!

Hear Together is a new charity for deaf people. Together, we have a fantastic opportunity to make sure that we develop the services that YOU want and need.   more  

The impact of face masks on communication...latest update!

Face masks & coverings have become mandatory in hospitals and on public transport in England. These significant legal changes have caused concern amongst those with hearing and com...  more  

Stay Connected!

Check out our latest series full of great advice & information to support listening, communication & well-being!  more  

Living History Now!

History is stories about the stories about my past are my autobiographical memories.  more  

Connect & communicate during lockdown...for 2-7 year olds!

We all feel differently about being in lockdown...some days we feel fine and other days feel really difficult. Here are a few handy tips to try during this time when your child is...  more  

Connect & Communicate during lockdown...p3

Read the observations from one of our trustees - Nick Tedd - living with hearing loss during lockdown.  more  

Connect & Communicate during lockdown...part 2

The Hear Together team have gotten used to weekly Zoom meetings, but how inclusive are they really?  more