3rd May is Good Vibrations day celebrating and raising awareness of bone anchored hearing systems.

Bone anchored hearing works by bone conduction, using the body’s natural ability to conduct sound through bone. 

Bone anchored hearing systems consist of a small implant, an abutment/connector and a sound processor that attaches to the abutment/connector. The sound processor is secured through osseointegration and transmits sound through bone directly into the cochlea. Find out more here.

Introduced by Oticon Medical, Good Vibrations on 3rd May is a new initiative designed to celebrate bone anchored hearing and the 250,000 people globally who benefit from this technology, regardless of brand. 

Hear Together will  be celebrating Good Vibrations! Share your stories and experiences, ask questions and talk about your device using #goodvibrations and #boneanchoredhearing so they can be shared on the GoodVibrations Facebook page