Keep up to date with the latest news & events at Hear Together.

Keep up to date with the latest news & events at Hear Together.


H2H clinics return

Our H2H community clinics are set to re-start around Nottinghamshire  more  

Music & cochlear implants

Do you enjoy playing or listening to music with your cochlear implant? Would like to change the way that you hear music?   more  

60+ Deaf Young people meet together from across Europe and UK

About 80 of us as young people and leaders joined together with Hear Together on April 21st. We were connected by our hearing technology. We thrived together and we met up with ol...  more  

Listening Fatigue and Mental Health

A major hidden effect of hearing loss is tiredness and cognitive overload. It takes a lot of effort to attend, listen and interpret conversations when you have a hearing loss Buil...  more  

Speak Out: Being a self advocate

A part of living well with a hearing loss means being able to confidently advocate for your communication needs and your rights to access information. These skills allow you to int...  more  

Di's Story: Being deaf aware at work

Di wears hearing aids and describes her struggles with being discriminated at work due to her hearing loss. She wishes she had known then what she knows now. We all need to raise d...  more