We had a lovely evening discussing change and what helps us to adapt. Most of us agreed that walking and fresh air really helps us......as well as family and staying positive!  

As the ease of lock down approaches we discussed our feelings about this and it really was a mix of emotions. Some of us were excited and looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal, others felt anxious as it meant that some of the social pressures would resume and were worried about life with face masks. We all agreed that it's going to be great being able to see our friends and family and give them a big hug!

Our quiz was about spring and Easter, we all found out some very interesting facts such as......the average single man changing his bed sheets 4 times per year!!! Our word association game brought together some thought provoking feelings about the ease of lock down and some really powerful words about what Hear Together means to our community. 

We all had a great evening and we cant wait to see you all again soon. 

If you would like to book onto our next adult social event, please email info@heartogether.org.uk.