Evaluation of The Ida Institute's My World tool

The long-term goal of working with children with hearing loss is to help the child develop the independence, confidence and strategies to succeed and participate in the world. Research shows that play is an essential part of this development. 
The Ida Institute's ‘My World’ tool was developed for use with children from about 4 to 10 years of age with all degrees of hearing loss using play as a means to understand the child’s perspective of their hearing loss and providing them with the opportunity to become an active partner in their hearing care alongside the professionals that support them. 
My World was designed primarily for use by teachers of the deaf, clinical and educational audiologists, teaching assistants, mainstream school staff and speech and language therapists. It can be used in one to one sessions, in pairs or small groups with peers. It can also be used to collect informal language and speech samples and make baseline observations of the child’s language skills.
Teachers of the Deaf and Speech & Language Therapists used My World over a period of three months following training provided by The Ear Foundation and an evaluation was carried out. 
Key findings
Professionals told us that using My World:
Engages children easily and they enjoy playing with it 
Enables them to ‘hear the child’s voice’, to see things from their perspective and better understand their individual issues and needs 
Encourages the child to take the lead, share issues that are meaningful to them and work through possible solutions helping to develop self-determination
Facilitates discussion about abstract or “tricky” issues, other views, opinions, feelings and experiences 
Helps support children to learn and generalise skills by thinking through and practicing for real-world situations in a ‘safe’ environment 
To read the full report, click An evaluation of professional's use of the Ida Institue My World tool 2017. This research has been supported by the IDA Insitute. 
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