Cochlear Implant Service Delivery: Current and Future Views

The purpose of this questionnaire was to explore the current and future views on cochlear implant services from a user, carer and professional perspective, wherever they live and work. This research has been published: 

Athalye, S., Archbold, S., Mulla, I., Lutman, M., & Nikolopoulous, T. (2015). Exploring views on current and future cochlear implant service delivery: the perspectives of users, parents and professionals at cochlear implant centres and in the community. Cochlear implants international16(5), 241-253. DOI: 10.1179/1754762815Y.0000000003

This study was supported by Advanced Bionics.

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Please find a poster of the study here:  The Ear Foundation - Cochlear Implant Service Delivery.pdf