Choosing and using bimodal hearing

This study has kindly been supported by Advanced Bionics (AB). The full report is available to download here Choosing and using bimodal hearing. Please contact for more information.


This study explored the experiences and views of audiologists working in hearing aid audiology clinics on bimodal hearing with a cochlear implant and hearing aid via an on-line questionnaire, and the views of adults with a unilateral cochlear implant by semi-structured interview. Forty audiologists responded and eight adults were interviewed.

This report demonstrates the need for:

·         Clarification of the roles and responsibilities of cochlear implant centres and audiology clinics with regard to advice about the use of bimodal hearing and its ongoing management.

·         Development of agreed protocols for ongoing bimodal management.

·         CI and HA programming and management to be planned in the same appointment wherever possible, so bimodal technology management is seen as one entity rather than as separate, for more holistic intervention.

·         Training for audiologists on the joint management of cochlear implant and hearing aid.

·         Clear information for hearing aid audiologists and users about the issues concerning bimodal usage.

·         Further in-depth research into the characteristics of good bimodal users.