Adult Hearing Screening (2016)

On 17th March 2016 The Ear Foundation along with Action on Hearing Loss launched their report 'Adult Screening: Can we afford to wait any longer' in Westminster Central Hall with Lilian Greenwood, MP, and Adrian Davis.

Prior to the report launch a conference was held which was very well received and attended by NHS England  and along with Action on Hearing Loss, together we are pushing for adult hearing screening to be introduced. 

Our report will give you the up to date information about adult hearing screening...and why we need your support.

The report illustrates:

  1. The personal and societal benefits of the fitting of hearing technology.

  2. The higher rates of usage of technology than commonly thought.

  3. The support of adults with hearing loss for the introduction of a screening programme.

  4. The growing evidence from ad hoc screening that there is a great deal undiagnosed hearing loss in the adult population.

  5. The numbers of tools available and which are increasingly being used personally.

  6. The importance of exploring time and cost-effective ways of providing long-term management of hearing technology.

The major recommendations include:

  1. That NHS England and the Department of Health fund a prospective national trial of hearing screening to bring together the innovative practice already being undertaken in this area.

  2. That as part of this approach that there is support for more innovative developments of the patient pathway so that the potential opportunities that hearing screening would provide can be addressed by new service models with public services and in the community.

  3. That more screening is carried out in specific health and care settings for example GP surgeries, care homes, pharmacies and by employers while a national hearing screening programme is developed and which would build on the local and opportunistic initiatives outlined in this report.

  4. Further economic modelling is done by NHS England on the potential spend to save benefit of early intervention around hearing loss.

You can download the report here: 

Adult Hearing Screening

This report was supported by Advanced Bionics. 

To push adult hearing screening forward, please keep contacting your local MP about adult hearing screening! The evidence can be provided with this report! 

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