Adult Cochlear Implantation: Evidence and experience (2013)


The Ear Foundation held a conference on 'Adult Hearing Loss- time for a new approach' in Westminster on 15th October 2013. The conference gathered leaders from audiology, from industry, from the Third Sector and politicians, all joined in a passion to move forward with raising awareness of the impact of hearing loss, the exciting technologies we have available today, and pushing for an adult hearing screening programme.


The conference was followed by the launch of our report- Adult Cochlear Implantation: evidence and experience, pushing for greater access to cochlear implantation for adults. Stephen Lloyd, MP, and Lilian Greenwood, MP, both shared the passion to support the initiative.  

As one delegate commented: “At last it feels like we have a momentum to change ......: 

Photo: Lisa Aubert (Cochlear Europe), Sue Archbold (CEO The Ear Foundation), Brian Lamb (NDCS), Lilian Greenwood MP and Brian Walshe (Cochlear Europe). 

You can download the report here: Adult Cochlear Implantation: Evidence and Experience (2013)

The report and research have been supported by an educational grant from Cochlear.

Our Action Group for Adult Cochlear Implantation is led by Brian Lamb, and includes representatives from Action on Hearing Loss, British Academy of Audiology, British Society of Audiology, British Cochlear Implant Group, Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group, The Ear Foundation, Hearing Link, National Cochlear Implant Users Association, National Association of Deafened People, and cochlear implant centres throughout the UK. It brings together clinicians, health professionals, researchers, charities, and cochlear implant users who share a common commitment to make cochlear implants available to all adults who could benefit. A number of reports have been published, please find these on the left hand side.