Clare Allen

Speech & Language Therapist

Hello everyone. My name is Clare Allen.

When asked to introduce myself I started thinking about what is important to me and what makes me tick. Phrases which reflect who I am include, ‘passionate’, ‘choose to be kind’, ‘opportunity creating and taking’. Many of you who know me already, from the Ear Foundation, will recognise these words, because I say them a lot! I have led Saturday activity days and residential events for several years and have been privileged to see many deaf children and young adults step out of their comfort zone, to grow into their potential and to feel positive about themselves and their hearing loss. I often say that being a specialist Speech and Language Therapist is my dream job. I love focussing upon communication and interaction both spoken and signed, with an underlying passion for the use of hearing technology and living well with hearing loss.

I’m super excited about being part of the new Hear Together charity. We will be focussing upon connecting with each other, building friendships, accelerating language learning and finding out more about ourselves and feeling good about who we are. Hear Together is like a large family of people who understand hearing loss. We are looking forward to connecting and communicating with you initially over the internet and later in person.