Diana Harbor

Speech Therapist and Audiologist

Hello everyone, I’m Diana Harbor and part of the Hear Together team, now an officially registered charity!

These are such unprecedented times as so many of us have to stay indoors and socially distance ourselves from friends and community. BUT it is wonderful to watch us humans find new ways to stay connected. We are learning how to zoom call, run house parties and co-ordinate times to clap together, share rainbows and yes moan in groups on whats app. I’m a huge Brene Brown fan and she tells us again and again as humans we are built to connect and it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

It is the reason I am part of Hear Together. We want to keep real conversations going around hearing loss, online and then in person. We want to provide a space for people to share their stories, the highs and lows.

As a specialist speech therapist and audiologist I have always worked with children and adults with hearing loss. I have headed up the education training at the Ear Foundation and co-lead Saturday activities and summer residentials with our teenagers, promoting healthy well being, growth mindset and positive identities. I’m passionate about people with hearing loss seeing themselves as individuals full of unique potential, with the resources, capability and support to thrive socially, academically and at work.

I am hugely excited about the opportunities Hear Together is going to provide to be part of that support, to live well with hearing loss, to stay engaged and connected with each other.