Nick Tedd


Hi Everyone- I’m Nick Tedd & I’m delighted to be part of Hear Together on the board of trustees.

I’m an Artist, Blogger & I own 3 hair salons.  I blog about my adventures living with hearing loss at work, rest & play, what I have faced, the setbacks and misunderstandings I have encountered & what I have done to overcome these and the possibilities that have opened up for me. I see myself as am an ambassador for the hearing loss community & am more determined than ever to succeed at life & have positive experiences. I have been helped enormously by the team at Hear Together in their previous roles at The Ear Foundation & have enjoyed raising awareness & supporting them whenever I can.

My role as a Hear Together Trustee is very important to me to leave things better for others and myself ‘next time’. I will never stop striving, even when I can feel lonely, alienated, isolated, vulnerable and even discriminated against. I love to explore the world as an urban explorer who will not be inhibited by the opinions of others. I have not only survived but thrived and found a new self confidence that has not only empowered me as a deaf person, but also in my everyday life. As a result of all this, I no longer see myself as ‘the problem’, I only see barriers that need to be overcome.

The main barriers are people’s perceptions, opinions and attitudes.  I want to connect, share & learn with others by documenting what I know for sure about life, travel, food, hair, creativity, the arts & causes I am passionate about like hidden disabilities & LGBTQ issues. It is my intention to bring my experience and stories to Hear Together so that other people with hearing loss can see that we are not alone & that the more awareness & education we can give people the better it will be for us all. 

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