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News for April 2020

Connect & communicate during lockdown...for 2-7 year olds!

We all feel differently about being in lockdown...some days we feel fine and other days feel really difficult. Here  are a few handy tips to try during this time when your child is not at school. Most importantly they are not to overwhelm you but to reassure you with that a few simple things in place, a bit of T...

Apr 30, 2020

Connect & Communicate during lockdown...p3

Nick Tedd is one of Hear Together's trustees. Read his observations of lockdown with a hearing loss... Nick Tedd Thoughts in lockdown.pdf Another great resource is the excellent blog written by Shari Eberts called “Living with hearing loss" here to read 6 ways people with hearing loss ...

Apr 29, 2020

Connect & Communicate during lockdown...part 2

Connecting & Communicating during lockdown...part 2! The Hear Together team have been getting used to weekly Zoom meetings, but how inclusive are they? Check out this useful blog from the Limping Chicken, which is full of top tips for deaf/ hard of hearing people using Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Teams & mo...

Apr 28, 2020

Audiology Services Update

For any of our followers, families or friends who wear hearing aids,vwe have been in contact with both audiology departments in Nottinghamshire and have the following update regarding audiology services (PLEASE SHARE):    Ropewalk update:    All scheduled appointments have been postponed; ...

Apr 16, 2020