Roll up Roll up!  Hear Together went Roller Skating at Skateland in Lenton.  

We had 2 sessions one for Primary and another for Secondary.  A HUGE WELL DONE to all the parents who joined us roller skating.  Some definite hidden talents there.  It was lovely to see parents joining together to watch their children, join in and to chat with each other.  The children loved it.  It was hard, they were resilient, they were supportive of each other and they all made huge progress.  There was a natural mix of practising on their own, skating with a leader or parent, joining in skating with each other, doing timed laps and challenges together.  And of course chilling out and getting to know new and old friends at our base area with crisps, biscuits and water.  

A big thank you to Rosie who is drove all the way from Essex to volunteer with us. She's a young adult cochlear implant wearer who could talk about her experiences and get to know the children as a fab role model and example to us all.  She's been linked with us for several years and now graduated from university she's helping us out on some of our Saturdays. 

Save the dates: Saturday July 1st 2023 and September 23rd 2023