When you are starting to think about your child starting school, there are lots of things to consider.

Our families asked us to put together a brief checklist to help guide them on the questions they might want to ask and the information they might want to know. We’ve spoken to other parents and local professionals for anything else they would recommend adding to this list…and here it is! 

This is not a definitive list and there may be questions that are specific to your child, for example, medical or dietary needs, however it does give you a great starting point. 

Please feel free to download and use this checklist and share it with others.  

Let us know if you have any other good suggestions, that ‘something I wish we had asked’ or ‘I didn’t think this would be important, but it really was’. We will regularly update this document with your feedback. 

Remember that choosing a school is about much more than just these points.

It’s important that you and your child feel happy and confident in the school and its values, so think about what matters to you as a family too.