On May 27th almost 50 young people aged 11-18 joined us via zoom.  We spent time in small groups talking about our different experiences. This month the hot topic was face masks :-[].  It was interesting to hear about all of our different experiences across Europe and between different schools in the UK. We also shared our holiday stories and had time for a few different quizes.  Have a look at our 'Name the celebrity' quiz.  Can you spot Graham Clark the first inventor of a cochlear implant?

This is our second UK & Europe joint event.  We had more time in small groups to talk with each other and it was great to get to know people better.  Several young people are contacting us to ask for friend's email addresses which we are providing through their parents.  At Hear Together we want your deafness and hearing technology to give you opportunities.  If you attended our last session and would like to be in touch with some of the people you met please email us info@heartogether.org.uk.  

Thank you to all the amazing young leaders and adults who supported this event.  Without you it wouldn't happen.  Thank you to the awesome 11-18s who connect and communicate and grow in confidence by meeting up and sharing experiences.