Hear Together has developed a package of engaging information posters and bespoke post cards to promote good communication and effective use of hearing aids. Our project, funded by a small lottery grant will help give elderly people with hearing loss, their families and carers the resources to look after and use their hearing technology and above all, to stay connected. 

This project is based on our successful Hear2Help service, with it’s community & care home support. We would usually be running monthly drop-in clinics for hearing aid maintenance and advice to help reduce isolation and promote well-being. 

Of course this year things have been very different, although we are hoping they will be up and running soon! 

In the meantime look out for our posters in vaccination centres, care homes and even post offices near you! You will also be able to download the posters from our website.  

The poster topics include: 

Top 10 facts about hearing loss 

5 Tips for hearing aid use 

5 Reasons why hearing aids whistle 

Communication Tips  

5 Tips for promoting communication with a mask 

Technology for hearing loss