It was great fun and gave us lots of opportunities to MAKE THE IMPORTANT WORDS STAND OUT!

Imagine someone talking to you in a foreign language... it's hard to understand what they're saying when you don't know where one word ends and the next one starts! 

Think about what might help you to understand...maybe if they only said one important word...repeated that important word a few times...and pointed to or showed you what they are talking about. It would really help you to learn that new word, wouldn't it? 

It's the same with our babies when they are learning to listen with their hearing aids and implants. Making the important words stand out will really help your baby to recognise and learn new words.

You can help your child to learn new words if you:

Say less! Use clear simple words and names to label objects, people, actions and events.
Match your words to what your child is looking at or doing. You can point, show with real objects, actions or pictures, or sign at the same time.
Repeat! Say the important word a few times, exaggerate it and keep it fun.

We're looking forward to seeing lots of you and having lots of role-play fun at our next session with the Pop-Up Playgroup! Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.

Tuesday 6th June 1-3pm at Nottingham Deaf Society. 

We don't charge for our groups, but as a charity, we rely on donations to provide our services.  A suggested donation of £5 can be made if you book via the website or use the donation bucket or QR code on the day.