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Hearing loss can affect you at any age or stage in your life. Some people are born deaf while other people’s hearing may deteriorate gradually, and a few suffer sudden and traumatic loss of their hearing. Their stories are each unique and full of courage as they learn to live well with their hearing loss, manage hearing technology and stay connected with the world and people around them. All their stories speak of not letting your hearing loss hold you back from living a rich and full life.

At Hear Together we are so privileged to have stayed connected with this community. Together we have got our heads around the different online platforms for meeting up, considered which offer the best flexibility and access to things like live captions. It has not always been easy to stay connected with the perils of mute buttons, flaky wi-fi and fatigue but we are so glad we have.

We have managed to record some of these meet ups and interviews to share the wisdom, humour and top tips of their journeys. Look out for these videos on our website, Face Book and YouTube to hear from different ages, using a range of hearing technology from hearing aids, cochlear implants to bone anchored devices.

We would love to hear from you if you have a story to share…

 Some of the topics and themes that you will be able to enjoy include:

  • Living with cochlear implants
  • Mental health and hearing technology
  • The benefits and limitations of hearing aids
  • How a cochlear implant works
  • Starting university and making friends
  • Self advocacy with hearing loss in the work place
  • Using assistive listening technology
  • Lipreading
  • Dogs for the deaf
  • Advice for your younger self