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Fiona's story 

I’ve always had a deep love of running and found it is the easiest and cheapest way to exercise, as you only need trainers and a as a lady a good sports bra, then you can nip out whenever is practical. I could not class my self as an elite runner but with the right support I have improved, and I do ok.



Vanessa's story 

I’m running London Marathon in October, raising funds for a wonderful local charity Hear Together. Last year was such an amazing experience I want to do it all again!



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TCS London Marathon

Sun 2nd October 2022

Team 2022 is now complete!

We are really excited to welcome

Rosie, Fiona, Bekaleigh, Vanessa,

Andy, Charlotte, Joel, Leon and Clare to our team!

Find out more about them & their fundraising over the coming weeks...

London Marathon 2021...they Did It!

Congratulations to Team Hear Together- Clare, David, Issie, Rebecca & Susannah on completing the London Marathon 2021!






It's Today!

Go Team Hear Together...thank you!

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Our amazing team have trained so hard for the London Marathon & this is why...please donate & help more people live well with hearing loss



Issie's story

Hi, I’m Issie, a student at the University of Bath and I am so excited to be running the London Marathon in aid of Hear Together. After learning about all of the incredible work that the Hear Together team are doing to help those with hearing loss realise and reach their potential I jumped at the opportunity to support their work. The pandemic has hit everyone hard, and in many unexpected ways, but Hear Together have done an amazing job navigating the pandemic and have still provided vital support and resources, particularly through establishing a strong community, something that has been so important, especially throughout the last year. However, the team wouldn’t have been able do this without donations and support from others, so I will be joining the other Hear Together Marathon Runners, hoping to raise as much money as possible so Hear Together can continue to provide the brilliant support to the hearing loss community.

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Rebecca's story

Five years ago I was writing my bucket list of things to do before I turned 50 and running of any distance didn’t feature at all…I didn’t even own any trainers! Fast forward to now and how things have changed!

On 3rd October 2021 I’ll be taking part in The London Marathon to fundraise for Hear Together who have taken on the role of the former Ear Foundation a charity that supported my younger sister Abigail Greenwood since she received her cochlear implant 13 years ago.

Last year I completed the Virtual London Marathon in torrential rain. I did the first 7 miles at midnight and the remaining 19 miles the following morning. This will therefore be my first ‘all in one go’ 26.2 mile run.

I started running in 2016 following the start up of Pitshanger Park Runners that year by an inspirational friend. Since then PPR has grown significantly and is a group I’m proud to be a part of with many of us running distances beyond our wildest dreams. So when I was offered the challenge of running the London Marathon for a Charity who have helped my sister it was something I couldn’t refuse. I am hoping to complete my first marathon in under 5 hours and would love as much support from my friends and family along the way to help me achieve that.

As with all small charities, Hear Together are dependent on fundraising to keep them going. I’ll therefore be grateful of all donations no matter how small or large!

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Susannah's story

Why am I doing the marathon for Hear Together??? As a hearing aid user myself I appreciate the Hear Together goal of helping people live well with hearing loss.  Also as my sister Clare works for the charity so I know how dedicated those involved are to this goal!  Despite having promised myself I wouldn't run any further than 10k back in 2012, when Clare said there was the possibility of doing the London Marathon with her in aid of hear together I jumped at the chance as an amazing opportunity I couldn't turn down.  Now the training has started I'm wondering what I've got myself into!  But I'm determined to finish and know that the prospect of raising money for Hear Together will motivate me to keep going!

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Clare's story

Why the London Marathon at the age of 55?

I did Couch to 5k about 4 years ago as part of a parents group at my children’ athletics club. I am always telling the children I work with to ‘take their opportunities’ and this was mine!  I learned to run, I lost 2 stone in weight and I went down 2 dress sizes.  So when Hear Together needed London Marathon runners I jumped at the opportunity, because it's secretly been on my bucket list for years and years. 

Why sponsor me for Hear Together?

Hear Together is the new charity, grown from The Ear Foundation (TEF), which I was associated with for over 20 years.  When TEF had to close I was sad to my core.  My younger brother, who is far wiser than I’d realised when I was a child, said to me to focus upon ‘consolation’ not ‘desolation’, because at the time I felt so sad, devastated, and desolate.  Focussing upon ‘consolation’, and ‘consolidating’ really pulled things together and gave me purpose and vision.  It made me see the loss to all the children, adults, and families we worked with.  It showed me the huge need there was for our services and support, and how desperate things were without them.  My feelings changed to being optimistic and hopeful of change.  It gives energy and drive and fired my passion.  So it was with purpose and vision and feelings of excitement and in trepidation that I joined with Sarah, Diana, Laura and the 4 Hear Together Trustees to create Hear Together.  As a member of the HT team I am so privileged to see first hand the amazing impact Hear Together has on all those who join with our work.  As a new charity every donation small or large makes a huge difference, I tangibly see the impact of each £20, £50, £100.  It’s truly changing lives! 

This is a huge challenge for me. I hope I make it to the start line injury free.  The training is gruelling and I am slow but very committed! Thank you for sponsoring me and the Hear Together team.  Thank you for all your encouragement and messages. I will certainly need them to get round. 


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