Do you know a HELEN?


Hearing loss

Elderly (over 80)

Limited mobility

Enjoys socialising

Needs hearing aids to hear 

How can YOU help Helen connect and communicate to promote positive wellbeing in her care home?

Provide support to ensure she has access to her hearing aids:

  • Record the details of Helen’s hearing aids in her care plan. Make a note of accessories that may be needed eg a TV streamer or personal FM system.
  • Keep Helen’s hearing aid in a labelled box when she is not wearing them that include written instructions on how to operate and maintain them.
  • Invest in “hearing technology” champions on your care staff that are confident with promoting their use, checking whether they are working and helping with maintenance.


Make sure Helen’s hearing aid has:

  • Working batteries (typically will last about a week depending on use)
  • Clear, uncracked tube connecting to her ear mould (both will need regular cleaning)
  • A good fitting mould, sitting well in the ear to avoid whistling
  • A clean mould, not blocked with wax
  • A way to ensure the correct device is in the correct ear

Download the handy tips sheet:

Do you know a HELEN


Useful links:

Action on Hearing Loss: guidance for care homes
*Helen may also need support around her communication, please see details of our deaf awareness course
for care homes.