Hearing Loss Support For Children & Young People

Helping Children Realise Their Potential

At Hear Together, our goal is to help deaf children develop the skills and confidence to live well with hearing loss.

Good use of hearing aids and hearing implants is important for developing speech and language. Building self-confidence, resilience and social communication skills is key to well-being.

At Hear Together, we address this by providing opportunities:

  • For connection and friendship with other deaf children
  • To develop self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • To acquire new skills and knowledge to support self-advocacy
  • To learn and practice all these skills with people who understand the difficulties




We have developed a catalogue of interesting and exciting resources for children and families. Our resources help children communicate effectively, capture experiences and seize opportunities. We also run workshops and provide training for organisations and professionals that work with children.

 Online Resources 


At Hear Together we provide opportunities for deaf children and teenagers in Nottingham and Derby to connect and make friends. Currently, we run monthly social events through Zoom with young people joining us from across the UK. Our events are a fantastic way for children to develop their communication skills and confidence in a supportive and friendly environment.

Once current restrictions are lifted, we will run more hearing loss support groups, including parents as well as younger children.

For the latest events and activities visit News and Events.

 News & Events 

Personal Stories

Let’s hear from some of the children and young people themselves! If you would like to share your experiences or news, please let us know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to meet up with other families and children with hearing loss...any suggestions?

At Hear Together, our mission is to help connect and communicate, so we love to bring people together! Check out our Events page for online events for primary aged children and teenagers, and we will move these face-to-face as soon as we can. We are also planning to set up groups for families with younger children very soon. Register with us to keep informed of the latest developments!

My child has just been diagnosed with a hearing loss. Where do I go for hearing loss support?

When you get this diagnosis, it can feel overwhelming. There is so much to take in with new information and people and uncertainties about the future. Try to take it one step at a time and ask questions if you're not sure, no one will think it's a 'silly' question. Hear Together brings together lots of information and useful links. We're always happy to help- contact us or register to keep updated with new events you might like to join. You've got this!




For more information about our events in Nottingham and our hearing loss support, please get in touch with us at Hear Together.