Hearing Loss Support For Adults

Live Well with Hearing Loss

If your hearing has deteriorated and you are trying to adjust to life with a hearing aid, we are here to help. At Hear Together, we provide information, hearing loss support and a welcoming community where individuals can stay connected and live well with hearing loss.

Perhaps you are struggling to use technology, or you feel disconnected at home or in the workplace.

Through our community based work, we aim to tackle these issues by providing:

  • Knowledge and skills for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to gain confidence in managing their own hearing and the technology they use
  • Local services to facilitate consistent and effective hearing aid use
  • Information and learning to help people better understand and advocate for what they need at home, work and socially
  • A community for connecting and learning with other deaf and hard-of-hearing people
  • Information and resources for families, carers and employers to learn how to support deaf and hard-of-hearing people


Frequently Asked Questions

My wife tells me I have the TV on too loud, but I don't think I do. What should I do?

You may not notice if your hearing is gradually getting worse, so its important to get it checked. You can do this through your GP who will refer you to Audiology, or by going to a private audiologist.

How can I use my phone with hearing aids?

You could try a phone streamer or you may have Bluetooth settings which directly stream from your phone to your hearing aid.




For more information about our events in Nottingham and our hearing loss support, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Hear Together.