FM Systems

What is an FM system?

An FM system (commonly known as 'radio aid'), transmits speech directly from the speaker wearing a transmitter, to the listener wearing a receiver/s. 

It comes in 2 parts..



The Transmitter: is worn by the speaker (or connected to a sound source e.g. mp3 player, laptop, TV) and

 transmits speech (or musics etc) wireless across to the corresponding receiver. 

The Receiver: is worn by the bone anchored hearing system/cochlear implant/hearing aid user and receives the transmitted sound directly from the transmitter. Picture on the right. 
  • Both the transmitter and receiver have to be on the same FM channel to be able to transmit and receive speech/sounds. 


Did you know?

  • FM Systems are widely used in educational settings but can be just as appropiate in a variety of situations where listening to single sound source (speech/music/video) is difficult. 
  • They are suitable for those who have difficultly listening to speech with their current bone anchored hearing system/cochlear implant/hearing aids.
  • FM Systems are most helpful in noisy situations and when the speaker is at a distance from the listener. 
  • They are good for overcoming poor room acoustics as well. A Bone anchored hearing system can be used with FM systems and accessories. 
  • Design intergrated and ear level receivers are now available making them much more suitable for smaller ears compared to body worn models.