Useful contacts

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The latest guidance from NICE for cochlear implants in the UK was issued in 2019. Information for the public can be found here.






The British Cochlear Implant Group is a unique group of health care professionals and other interested parties in cochlear implant provision in the UK.

Each year BCIG contacts cochlear implant centre coordinators to collect data about the number of people using and receiving cochlear implants in the United Kingdom; find out more here 

The BCIG has set up a Candidacy Working Group and is working closely with other organisations to review candidacy requirements in the UK and develop an action plan for reforming candidacy criteria for cochlear implantation. The Cochlear Implants International Special Issue: Issues in Cochlear Implant Candidacy is available open access here.

Adult Cochlear Implant Action Group 

The Adult Cochlear Implant Action group is a coalition of voluntary organisations, patient groups, clinics, researchers, professionals and manufacturers who have come together with the aim of improving access to cochlear implants and ensuring better support and understanding of the needs of those with CIs. 

Useful reports produced by The Ear Foundation on the case for adult cochlear implantation can be found here