Deaf Awareness Training

With 1 in 6 people in the UK having some level of hearing loss, deaf awareness training is crucial for any group or organisation. Often an unseen disability, hearing loss impacts communication and access to life.

Being deaf aware is being able to understand and recognise the challenge of deafness, and knowing the right skills to be able to communicate better with someone who has a hearing loss. It also means knowing what small changes you can make to the physical environment to improve listening and access to information.

Deaf awareness training increases employee/group interaction, confidence and teaches organisations and teams how to communicate better with colleagues, customers and service users who have a hearing loss. Improved deaf awareness and communication can protect you and or your peers against discrimination in the workplace and wider society.

Deaf Awareness workshops (1 hr or half day workshop) covers the main principles of deaf awareness including:

  • strategies for communication
  • managing the environment
  • current hearing technologies


One hour (£165 plus travel expenses, within 1 hour travel time of Nottingham)

Half day workshop (£500 plus travel expenses)


Understanding what it is like to live, learn and socialize with a hearing loss is the primary focus of this one hour module on deaf awareness. You will leave with an understanding of what communication strategies can help and how small tweaks to your school environment can make a huge difference to a child with hearing loss. A quick recap of how normal hearing works will be followed by understanding the different types of hearing losses and their impact on communication, listening and learning. There will be time to get hands on with hearing technology, including interactive videos and group work.


This workshop provides a strong foundation in being deaf aware and ensuring your work/community environment allows improved access and communication between yourselves and your clients. We always find that the three hours speed by as we engage in learning through hands-on activities, interactive group work and some multi-media ensuring learning is includes all you need to know as well as being an enjoyable experience.

You will leave the half day workshop with a deeper understanding of:

  • levels of hearing loss & its impact on your clients/students
  • the technology used by people with hearing loss
  • the assistive technology available for organisations can use to improve access.
  • the challenges faced by people with hearing loss in many different situations & settings
  • the strategies you can easily implement to improve communication between yourself and the person with hearing loss.
  • Simple ways you can improve the listening environment for not only the people with hearing loss but for everyone.

The half-day workshop programme can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation or the demographics of the people you engage with so get in touch to talk about your needs.


‘We were amazed how such small changes can make such a big difference to our colleague with a hearing loss understanding us.’

‘I feel more confident about supporting and talking to people with a hearing loss now’

‘I had no idea how tiring it was to listen with a hearing loss.’