Teenagers with Hearing Loss: Promoting Achievement & Success

December 11, 2013

Teenagers with Hearing Loss: Promoting Achievement & Success

We invite you to join our group of international speakers, leaders in their fields for a series of up to date, innovative seminars without having to leave your home or office.

We will be exploring the factors that promote success and achievement in this sometime challenging, always exciting population of young people. This will include exploring the current issues relevant for deaf teenagers around their education, socialising and using FM  technology.

There will be opportunities to ask questions and access these online resources at your own pace, in your own time.

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Here’s what other professionals have had to say about it:

“We made it our in-service training day, great to learn with colleagues and cost effective too.”

“Felt part of a big, international conference without having to leave home!”


Speakers include:

  • Emily Tobey:
  • 'Assessment of Quality of Life with Teens'.
  • Hannah Pimperton: - Hannah Pimperton Abstract and Bio.pdf 
  • ''HOT Project regardng the impact of UNHS and early confirmation of hearing loss on reading and language outcomes in teenagers'.
  • Kate Gfeller: - Gfeller Abstract and Bio.pdf
  • The music perception, experiences and attitudes of a first cohort of prelingually-deaf adolescents and young adult CI recipients.

           Download the presentation here - Final TeenagersVirtual Conference Di.pdf

  • 'Working with Teenagers: sharing case studies and the anger management programme'. 

There are three ticket prices available: 

  • one for parents of deaf children & teenagers 
  • one for is for individuals
  • a ticket price for groups as we have many people who use these events for group training. We rely on your honesty regarding whether you purchase a group or individual ticket! 
  • Please note that if you buy a group price ticket you will still only receive one unique password.


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you make a payment for this event online by Mastercard or Visa Credit or Debit card to ensure fast registration, and receive AUTOMATED access to your unique password to log in to the event and forums. 

N.B: You WILL NOT receive your password, to log in to the presentations or forums, until we have received payment. 



To test your system and to download any software which you will need to view our virtual conference please download the following document:

General requirements for Phonak iLearn events 2013.doc


Presentations can be viewed between December 11, 2013 and March 31, 2015

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