The Young Child with Hearing Loss – Working effectively in Early Intervention

February 23, 2018

Do you have children with hearing loss under the age of 2 on your caseload?

Would you like to learn some key strategies build confidence and competence in the families you serve?

With continued advances in early identification and continually improving technologies, it is essential that professionals working in the field of early intervention develop the understanding and skills necessary to provide comprehensive and effective intervention at a time when families are often at their most vulnerable.

Children with hearing loss deserve the best outcomes – outcomes possible with:

  • efficient early diagnosis and follow up
  • appropriate audiology and clinical management
  • access to highly skilled professionals from across the many disciplines involved in early intervention.

This i-learning opportunity gives you access to some of the recorded presentations from our recent Getting it Right 0 – 5 Early Intervention conference, as well as sharing some resources useful for your day to day work. It is a great opportunity to access information from leaders in the field of early intervention from the comfort of you home or office.




A musical approach to communication Lyndsey Allen - LA bio.pdf 22:45
Learning to guide and coach: Building the AVT relationship Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz - ET bio.pdf 27:30
Communication as a circuit Amy McConkey Robbins - AM bio.pdf 28:37
Making and keeping friends: Getting it right from the start Diana Harbor 49:32
Coaching in natural environments Kate Dixon - KD bio.pdf 31:24
An introduction to sensory processing disorders Nerys Hughes - NH bio.pdf 21:15
Using radio aids with young deaf children Sarah Allen 30:44
Transforming what we do through technological advances Christine Yoshinaga-Itano - CYI bio.pdf 31:12


Attendees from Getting it Right 0-5years held on 20th and 21st October 2017 receive access to these presentations free of charge. Please email for access

If you are watching these presentation together as a group, please select the group ticket option to receive one log in. If you are planning to watch these presentations individually, please select the individual ticket.


Presentations can be viewed between February 23, 2018 and December 31, 2020

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