Play and its link to literacy and theory of mind

November 22, 2017

Play and its link to literacy and theory of mind

Play and its link to literacy and theory of mind.

Around the globe, pressure to increase standards of literacy results in reduced time for play at school.

Yet, researchers and philosophers increasingly understand the importance of play and how it develops complex language and thinking skills – things required for high levels of achievement in literacy and a well-developed theory of mind.

This i- learning module examines these links, with practical ideas on how to make the most of play, additional readings and some reflective activities to embed learning.




What's play got to do with it Lyndsey Allen - LA bio.pdf 13:58
Beyond 'my turn, your turn' Helen Ley HL bio.pdf 10:58
Drama Queen: developing imaginative play Lyndsey Allen 14:01
Resources Donna Sperandio DS bio.pdf 15:18
Play to paper Kate Dixon - KD bio.pdf 22:13
Play and its link to theory of mind and literacy Carol Westby CW bio.pdf 1:05:50
Building vocabulary through language strategies during play Dianne Goberis and Kerry Moriarty KM & DG bio.pdf 15:30
Looking at play through a different lens Di Harbor  27:26


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