Kids with Hearing Loss: Information for Teaching Assistants

February 13, 2017

Do you work with Teaching Assistants or are you a Teaching Assistant who supports children with hearing loss in primary school? Do you want to learn more about how best to support the children you work with and inspire your daily practice?

Children in primary school learn

·         In groups –large and small

·         Through direct teaching and incidental learning

·         By attaching new information to known information

·         In noisy environments


This is challenging for children who hear well but what about the child with hearing loss ? How do we best provide for children to allow them to reach their potential in the primary classroom?

We also know a child’s vocabulary and language growth is directly linked to their overall school achievement and that the noise level and ‘busyness’ of classrooms require that we provide increased supports and opportunities to children with hearing loss to ensure they are able to thrive in the primary classroom.

In providing the best environment and support children with hearing loss need to develop the language and learning skills it will have a huge impact on their educational attainments.


Teaching Assistants are key!

‘Previous research had shown that in many English schools teaching assistants are not being used in ways that improve pupil outcomes. However, recent research demonstrates that when they are well trained and used in structured settings with high-quality support and training, teaching assistants can make a noticeable positive impact on pupil learning.(Making the Most of Teaching Assistants EEF 2015).

Presentations will include:

·       Teaching Strategies  - Tina Wakefield

·        What no friends? – Developing the necessary skills to  build and keep friendships in the primary school – Di Harbor

·        Answers please  - Frequently Asked Questions to support your daily practice  - Lyndsey Allen

·        Listen up – improving the classroom experience for listening and learning – Kate Dixon

·        Know more: Using observation tools to monitor progress and set goals  - Kate Dixon

·        My Impact – the important role and skills of the TA in supporting children with hearing loss


Presentations can be viewed between February 13, 2017 and December 31, 2020

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