Knowing, guessing, thinking and feeling: Understanding and developing deaf children’s theory of mind to support social and emotional wellbeing

December 1, 2016

  • How does deafness affect a child’s ability to make and keep friends?
  • How is deaf child’s academic success influenced by theory of mind?
  • What can we practically do to develop and nurture these skills?
This virtual conference will start with the basic overview of what theory of mind is and how it is relevant to deaf children, including research. It will also include more detailed topics around strategies for developing theory of mind in the range of age groups. Presentations will extend and broaden the topic to include current thinking around deaf children’s emotions and what they need to be successful socially.
Confirmed Speakers:
Tiffany Hutchins - Translating Theory of Mind Research Into Clinical Practice with Individuals with Hearing Loss: Introduction to the Theory of Mind Atlas and The Theory of Mind Inventory-2: A practical tool for assessing and planning treatment 
Tiffany Hutchins.pdf
Carol Westby - Developmental Stages of Theory of Mind
Carol Westby.pdf
Donna Sperandio - Are You Thinking what I’m Thinking? Theory of Mind in Children with Hearing Loss
Donna Sperandio.pdf
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano - The intersection of pragmatic language development and Theory of Mind
Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz - Theory of Mind in Everyday Interaction 
Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz.pdf
Lyndsey Allen - More than Words:  Auditory access for theory of mind
Lyndsey Allen.pdf
Di Harbor - An introduction to  thinking socially: exploring practical resources for theory of mind in teenagers

Ticket Prices:

If you are a user of hearing technology, or a parent of a child who uses a hearing technology, please purchase the £20 ticket. If you are a professional and are watching the conference by yourself please purchase the 'professional individual' £40 ticket. If you are wanting to watch the conference as a group, as part of in house training for example, please purchase the 'professional group' £80 ticket. Please do not share your password. If you require more than one log in, please purchase the relevant ticket.



Presentations can be viewed between December 1, 2016 and December 31, 2020

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