Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy refers to any personal data collected and used by us over this website.

During your visit to this website we may collect personal information about you if you fill out one of our on-line forms or contact us via email.

If you use our on-line shop facility we may collect additional information from you of a financial nature, including your credit card number and billing address.

We collect and use this information to comunicate with you and tell you about our work. We may use it to send emails to you and other news letters to keep you informed.

We do not sell, rent or lease the information we collect from you to any other third parties and we do not use or disclose information of a sensitive nature without firstly obtaining your consent.

We use a secure technology to help protect your personal data from unauthorised access.

We store information held on computer systems that have limited access and which are located in a secure location.

Should you choose not to have your personal information used in any way described in this Privacy Policy then please email;